Environmental Credentials

As a material, timber is widely recognised as being the most renewable source used in modern methods of construction. As a renewable resource, its main attribute is that it absorbs and thus reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, only released if it decays or is burnt.

By constantly monitoring the environmental impact, Frame-Tech is committed to responsible sourcing and can offer customers peace of mind when it comes to sourcing legal and sustainable timbers.

Increasingly consumers are seeking evidence of environmentally sound business practices, and reassurance along with proof from forest/timber-based industries that the wood used comes from sustainable managed sources.

Frame-Tech Structures Ltd is committed to purchasing timber that comes only from sustainable sources, sustainable means that more trees are planted than are cut down, therefore maintaining the world’s population of trees. There are now existing certification schemes that allow companies to be more certain of the origins of their timber materials, namely FSC® and PEFC which is explained in depth in other documentation. Frame-Tech Structures, as part of its plan to be an environmentally aware company are members of both FSC® and PEFC schemes and are committed to maintaining the chain of custody standard.

Environmental Credentials